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Services offered:​

  • Marketing and Promotions

  • Merchandising and Catalog Development

  • Fulfillment

  • Customer Service

  • Customized programs to drive employee loyalty and award recognition

  • One stop, turn key solutions for all merchandise programs 


With over 30 years of combined experience, our sales and marketing team has worked on several loyalty and incentive programs and has a vast knowledge and understanding of the incentive industry. We provide a broad, yet strategic product offering to our clients to create successful programs.



We offer a comprehensive merchandise management program and provide products across several relevant categories. Our experienced merchandise team works with you to understand your employee base and select brands and products that match the demographics to drive results. 


Aspirational items are a great way to incentivize employees and studies have shown that employees work harder and are driven by merchandise rewards rather than cash. Often money is not a driver of behavior.

Rewards are highly individualistic and giving employees the option to choose what is relevant to them often improves results. The visibility of a reward enhances commitment to the company; employee rewards programs can improve not only the culture of the company, but they can drive positive results, increasing sales for the company.   



Honorbilt is the ideal partner for loyalty and reward marketing companies, premium vendors and distributors, ASI, advertising, events, and PR agencies.

Our fulfillment capabilities offer a multitude of shipping functions and options including: 

  • Drop ship capabilities

  • No minimums

  • fast turn around time.  2--5  days of order receipt

  • Special packaging and personalization

  • Invoicing capabilities including all EDI packages

  • Fed-Ex and UPS on-line professional services

  • International and overnight shipping


Our Customer Service Representatives are brand focused and handle all aspects of the product lifecycle. They work directly with the brands to secure inventory, offer alternatives when current products are discontinued, and are aware of new product launches.  Our CSRs manage order and shipment tracking and customer service for all customer inquiries. 

The Customer Service team is client focused and offer many levels of service that include:

  • Order and shipment tracking, web updates

  • Toll-free line dedicated line 

  • Web interface

  • Answering product inquiries

  • Monitoring availability

  • Establishing day-to-day contact with manufacturer’s customer service departments

We get your needs met and your questions answered quickly, 



Many organizations have a rewards or loyalty membership in some way, shape or form. We help you build merchandise catalogs that will increase brand loyalty.  We develop customized loyalty and incentive programs to maximize results.



With our warehouse fulfillment capabilities, merchandising experience, strong brand relationships and knowledge of successful loyalty programs, we offer a complete turnkey solution. We offer total merchandise management and reporting for clients.   

 We have the ability to create and manage loyalty programs with detailed reporting specific to your needs. 

 Reporting includes the following: 

  • —  Orders

  • —  Sales

  • —  User info

  • —  Point Banks

  • —  Spending

  • —  Product Warrantees

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